TD Ameritrade's Advocacy Action Center

Welcome Investors

As an investment firm serving roughly 11 million client accounts holding $1.3 trillion in assets, TD Ameritrade believes it’s important to stand on the side of our clients and provide them with a voice on issues that stand to impact their ability to confidently save, invest and plan for the future. We are on the frontlines, communicating your interests to those who can influence policy and bring about change.

We have created this site so that individual investors like you can stay informed and easily reach out to your government representatives on issues that matter to you. Here when we have an issue that is important to you, we will include a summary of the issue, along with template letters.

By coming together, we can have a more meaningful impact.

Tell Us Who You Know!

There’s a lot being discussed in Washington and elsewhere that can potentially impact the way advisors do business. Tell us who you know, it will assist us in advancing our legislative and regulatory agendas.

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